Workshop Masterclass Formula - Learn and Master Light Painting:
This formula is for anyone wishing to learn and master light painting. In a group or in a particular class, I teach you about photo settings, lamp manufacturing, how to use them, how to use environmental lights, and everything you need to know to make your own light painting photos. The theoretical course is followed by a scenario in order to put into practice the learning.
I am at your side to perform demonstrations and guide you in your achievements.
The workshop can be adapted to any level and content tailored to your wishes. The place, the duration, the possible periodicity and the level will be defined together.
Warning ! Materials needed: SLR camera or bridge, tripod, remote control, possibly lamps in your possession.
The content and all the information of the workshops organized by me will be detailed before each date.
Affordable Themes: Landscapes, studio, sky (stars), city, monuments, man / woman / couple models, artistic nude, industrial wasteland.

Fill out the contact form by mentioning the required information, we will exchange, and a quote will be sent to you as soon as possible.

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Photographer / Professional Lightpainter
Photo material
Specially adapted lamps
Notebook and software
Theoretical and practical courses


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