EVENT / Photocall:
I propose you to associate the light painting with your events, C.E. (works council), Team Building, an original way of captivating the attention of your guests, while offering them a quality animation. Nobody remains indifferent to these portraits of light that can be displayed on screen or video-projected in real time. Each participant leaves with his printed photo coming out of the experience. The passages are unlimited during the allotted time, to be defined together.
This service requires a dark space or a space in which I can install a "black box" (black tent).
Each event and client being different, we can define together the customized animation.

Fill out the contact form by mentioning the required information, we will exchange, and a quote will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Dark space prepared by you

Tent (black): 3.00 x 4.00 x (h) 3.20 m

Accessories adapted to the theme

Photographer / Professional Lightpainter
Lamps adapted to the event
Technical assistant and qualified reception
Notebook and software
LED screen 80 cm



Printer with instant printing, with transparent envelopes

Indoor or outdoor video projector
Giant projection screen

Custom envelopes specially for the event


Deejay (DJ)

cameraman / Editor



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