Light Painting services and events - events:
Specify Location, number of guests, day, duration, type of event, options chosen and any additional information

Workshops - Light Painting Workshops:
Specify number of participants, level of participants, duration, location, frequency if applicable

Photo prints:
acquire a fine art photo print, quality art gallery, limited editions 3 to 5 prints following the photos, numbered, signed, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity - (think to tax-free your investment) - contact me for any clarifications

Shooting Light Painting:
Whether for your book, your communication, or for the pleasure of having photos out of the common, contact me, we will exchange and I will fulfill your wishes (outdoor or studio Pro).

Marketing - Communication:
Use light painting to stand out and surprise. Contact me to define your needs and highlight them.

Custom Projects:
Giant light painting, participatory, capturing and transcribing in real time, etc. Any idea or project will be reflected and brought to light together.

Contact me for any serious projects.



Rom LIGHT PAINTING - Romain MILLET - Light Painting Artist - Events et animations light painting - FRANCE - Tel: +33 (0)6 63 94 43 43


Photographer specialized in light painting: sale of art prints, events and animations light painting, marketing, workshops, portraits, visuals light painting on request, weddings, shoots light painting