Rom Light painting Or Romain Millet, is a photographer specializing in light painting living in France. In 2009 he discovered this art by buying his first reflex, flipping through magazines, surfing the web and other media. The virus of the photo as well as the light painting changed his eyes on what surrounds us. Each place could then take a new form and transport us to a painting. This photographic technique that is the long exposure brought him an infinite freedom of expression. He is never satiated with creative research. His passion for science, encounters and landscapes is at the service of his photos.


Rom LIGHT PAINTING - Romain MILLET - Light Painting Artist - Events et animations light painting - FRANCE - Tel: +33 (0)6 63 94 43 43


Photographer specialized in light painting: sale of art prints, events and animations light painting, marketing, workshops, portraits, visuals light painting on request, weddings, shoots light painting