Formula Introductory Workshops for Light Painting:
This formula is intended primarily for schools, MJC, neighborhood homes, homes, and any structure supervising children and / or adolescents.
Light Painting introductory workshops allow children and adolescents to channel their energies into a form of artistic expression, which for many is totally new. Together, they learn to work in groups, to look for inspiration, to find solutions, and of course to have fun while creating artistic works.
This service requires a dark space in which we can work while having fun. We can also work outdoors depending on your wishes and the possibilities of your structure.
Each structure and children / teenagers being different, we can define together the contents of the tailor-made workshops.
Photographer / lightpainter, pro camera, tripod, lamps adapted to Event / theme
Contents, Duration, periodicity and levels to be defined together.

Fill out the contact form by mentioning the required information, we will exchange, and a quote will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Photographer / Professional Lightpainter
Pro / Tripod Camera
Specially adapted lamps
Notebook and software
Theoretical and practical courses
Dark space prepared by you

Realization of an exhibition with the work of the participants

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