NIKON Tutorial


I made a light painting tutorial for Nikon, this one will allow you to learn the light painting, the different settings, the necessary material etc. This light painting tutorial is available for free.
I hope it will serve you to make photos out of the common!


ELEPHORM tutorial


I suggest light painting tutorial the most complete ever made in one video training. you can take training from home with me,
streaming, broken down into chapters, explaining everything about light painting, its techniques, its secrets and my personal tips. From theory to practice, from studio to situation, a team of elephorm followed me at night, so you can see everything I do and everything I know in light painting.
My personal achievements are fully explained with video demonstrations in support. It's up to you to make good use of it.
If you follow this training, do not hesitate to give me a return or show me your photographic achievements.

Apprendre le Light Painting


Learn Light Painting with me




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